Customer service is Quick and Easy

One day my former co-workers told,

“Incidentally, we opened a computer service business includes assembly, sale, trade and repair software and hardware. Our advantage is product and destroy the virus without re intall. (sholat idul fitri)
Rates charged computer service similar to other stores with long working about 1-3 days.

Well, at that time happened to be cutomer service came to a place we want to repair the laptop computer with the virus sality and conficker. (toko kaos muslim murah)

Not how long we tried to examine, without waiting for less than an hour we were clear of the virus. And I leave the laptop to the customer, “It is finished pack, please try to check the program-progamnya and we guarantee for 3 days.”

“Well fast mas!” Customer looks surprised. “How much does it cost mas?” Tanya customers

“Just 40ribu sir ..” replied our

“Loh really expensive really yes? Though work on g to 1 hour? “He looked a little surprised.

“Well this is cheap pack, even the standard computer service rates in the city. Father trying to place another service may be more expensive, even used laptop you could stay there because the process can be more than one day. ”

“We know fathers laptop so important to the work, after all, there are many important: pak files? Therefore we try to help you as quickly and professionally as possible so that Dad can work again without anxiety overwhelmed .. ”

“Hopefully understandable.”

That piece of the story told by my friend that. We could take a lesson in it:

Sometimes customers need a more detailed explanation on our services.
Convincing customers is a necessity in business.
Businesses have to be smart in answering customer questions seem trivial though.
Sometimes when we’re feeling giving pelayananan well, the customer is still not satisfied with our services.
People think a short time means the cost will be cheaper. But in other cases, as the story above that the fast time in the service is so valuable even more expensive than our work.

(jual baju online murah)


~ oleh irgimnur pada Juli 19, 2013.

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